The renowned publishing house C. H. Beck in Prague has published a book by a member of our law firm, Jan Šamlot, on a unique topic “Enforcement of Court Settlement” so far only marginally discussed both in domestic as well as foreign writings.

Enforceability and, where applicable, recognition and enforcement of court judgments is a standard part of most publications on civil proceedings. However, any discussion of the enforceability of court settlements is usually absent from such publications. Likewise, professional articles and other writings often neglect this matter. This applies to both domestic and foreign sources. This is an extremely important issue with a number of specifics. That publication deals in particular, but not only, with the classification of court settlement, its particularities, enforceability and enforcement itself in both domestic and cross-border contexts. In particular, the cross-border overlap of this institute is important. Each country takes a different view of court settlements in its procedural approach. For example, whether and how the court subsequently approves such a settlement is of fundamental importance for its recognition and enforcement in another country. Jan Šamlot deals with this issue comprehensively, also taking into account the law of the European Union, as well as the recognition and enforcement of court settlements under multilateral and bilateral international treaties. Significant changes can also be expected in connection with the upcoming recodification of the domestic civil proceedings in the Czech Republic, the intentions of which are also reflected in the text of this treatise.