In its June´ issue the periodical Bulletin advokacie (Bulletin of Advocacy) by the Czech Bar Association has been published an article of professor Alexander J. Bělohlávek „Contents and execution of the right to legal advice in the context of the lawyer´s duties and restrictions from national and international perspective“.

Just a short time ago in the pat, the automatic answer, even of young bar associates, to a question after a fundamental and insurmountable duty of a lawyer would be a reference to confidentiality. The current period encourages reflection on how society is changing, how we adapt to and deal with ongoing changes and measures, both in private and professional life. Although the impulse for this article was not the current pandemic situation, it cannot be mentioned that in any discussions about it, one expression begins to come to the fore, namely TRUST. Trust in the state and its institutions, confidence that restrictive measures are taken on the basis of a qualified expert assessment and not for immediate political gain. In simplest order, confidence can be talked about as a necessary premise of accepting the status quo and the need for certain measures.