About Us

The Law Office of Prof. Dr. Alexander Bělohlávek (Advokátní kancelář Prof. Dr. Alexandera Bělohlávka) was founded in 1994. It offers legal services and advice to both Czech and foreign entities, counting among its clients companies from all areas of industry, trade and services, international corporations, large, medium-sized and small enterprises, public authorities, and others. The law office specializes in international private and procedural law, arbitration, and investor protection, plus a wide range of civil law areas and certain areas of public law, including representation in legal proceedings.

In addition to our knowledge of Czech, European and international law, we also have long-standing experience with domestic and international transactions, proceedings, contractual agenda, etc.

The members of our team are committed to finding solutions that best meet clients’ expectations of having a high likelihood of success, while carrying minimum risk. We prefer to treat each case on its own merits, taking account of the needs of the specific client and the particular circumstances, rather than pursuing a one-size-fits-all policy. Our lawyers are also encouraged to deepen their professional knowledge and practical skills. An obvious prerequisite in our business is a high degree of professionalism and respect for the rules of professional ethics. The members of our team veer away from promising clients “castles in the air”, while not losing sight of the fact that it is their duty to achieve the most favourable results they can. We believe that the basis for any solution lies in a detailed analysis of underlying relations encompassing all relevant circumstances.

Having been an active player and member of various international organizations for many years, our office has the wherewithal to provide or facilitate high quality legal advice and services via specialized attorneys at home and abroad.

We also work closely with tried-and-tested enforcement officers, tax and accounting advisers, notaries public and experts in a range of fields and specializations.